E Chords

E chords explained with piano keyboard pictures.
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E chords

Categories of E Chords


Abbreviations used for E chords (Chords symbols)

Emaj for E major
Em for E  minor
E7 for E  seventh chord
Em7 for E  minor seventh chord
Emaj7 for E  major seventh
EmM7 for E  minor major seventh
E6 for E  major sixth
Em6 for E  minor sixth
E6/9 for E  sixth/ninth (sixth added ninth)
E5 for E  fifth
E9 for E  dominant ninth
Em9 for E  minor ninth
Emaj9 for E major ninth
E11 for E eleventh
Em11 for E  minor eleventh
E13 for E  thirteenth
Em13 for E  minor thirteenth
Emaj13 for E  major thirteenth
Eadd for E  add
E7-5 for E  seven minus five
E7+5 for E  seven plus five
Esus for E  suspended
Edim for E  diminished
Edim7 for E diminished seventh
Em7b5 for E  minor seventh flat five
Eaug for E  augmented
Eaug7 for E  augmented seventh